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Why invest in Panama?

Our geographical position, located in the center of the American continent, with access by land, sea and air, with a tropical climate all year round, free of natural disasters, with an open service economy, trained human resources, dollarized economy, the center international financial, world-class logistics platform and economic, political and social stability, make Panama the ideal place to do business in the region.

Panama. Regional Business Hub

Panama is a country with a vocation for service, which enjoys a privileged geographical position, which has allowed us to be one of the most important logistics centers of the Western Hemisphere for the collection and distribution of the global cargo, a bridge for the mobilization of passengers to all American continent and facilitator of efficient and modern communication services. Promoter of trade, both national and international, Panama enjoys political, social and economic stability.
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Panama has gone from being a bridge to become a modern logistic platform by sea, land and air, with the Panama Canal as the main axis, transporting more than 300 million CPSUAB (Container, Bulk, etc.), serving today more than 14,000 ships through 144 maritime routes and complemented with the system of container terminals in the Pacific and the Caribbean, which serve as a center for transshipment and cargo redistribution, which registered an annual container cargo movement of 4.25 million TEU. s, added to the interoceanic railroad that has a capacity of 330,000 containers per year from one coast to the other.

Panama also has the Colon Free Zone, the most important in the Western Hemisphere, with an annual trade exchange of more than 19 billion dollars through the almost 3,000 companies established in the Colon Free Zone. The development of the Panama Pacifico Special Economic Area, in the former Howard air base, will serve as a space for the production of high technology goods and services.

We provide an efficient air service through the Tocumen International Airport, now in the process of remodeling to provide a comfortable and safe environment for all travelers visiting our country and prompt and efficient attention to travelers in transit, who do not pass through Migration nor Customs. From the airport operates the “Hub” of the airline Copa Airlines, which offers more than 46 destinations to 25 countries in the Americas and excellent connections, some of them with three daily flights, to the most important cities in Latin America. We also have an excellent internal offer of direct flights to the main cities in the interior of the country.

Panama, has become the preferred center for the installation of five submarine fiber optic cables, co-investing in the ideal place for telecommunications companies and data centers since we have the advantage of offering great connectivity with North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean, advantages that companies such as MCI, Cable & Wireless and Movistar have been able to take advantage of, offering mobile telephony and high quality internet services to the local and international market.

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Our prestigious International Banking Center, with more than 93 internationally renowned banks, reflected in the first half of 2010, assets in the order of US $ 65,000 million.

Our medical and health services are recognized internationally, we have the two best private hospitals in the Central American region, equipped with the latest in medical technology, and affiliated with world-renowned hospitals such as the renowned Baptist Hospital in Miami, Florida and the Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

Our tropical climate and varied tourist offer places us among the favorites for travelers who can find in our country picturesque indigenous and colonial towns, white sand beaches and coral reefs of indescribable beauty, mountains with cool climates and tropical jungles with a lush vegetation, home to countless species of flora and fauna and with our excellent road network and short distances you can tour the country in just six hours.

For these reasons, Panama has been chosen by major multinational companies such as Samsung Electronics, Inc., DHL, DELL, Hutchinson Port Holding Group, HSBC, BICSA, SCOTIABANK, Assicurazioni Generali, American Life Insurance Company and many more, as headquarters for its operations regional Also some of the most recognized International Organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, OAS, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI), and BLADEX, among others, have selected Panama to establish their operations.

Panama offers goods and services at reasonable prices to its closest neighbors, with Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with Taiwan, El Salvador, Singapore and Chile. We are also in the final negotiations of an FTA with the United States and Central America and prepare our entry into the G-3.

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